your daily life 6 unique date ideas to shake up

If the words date night make you sigh in boredom, it’s time
to shake it up a little and plan something fresh with your
main squeeze or new crush. “Couples should pay attention
to the age-old adage about variety being the spice of life
because research consistently shows that enjoying new
experiences with each other helps keep relationships
running strong,”
It’s difficult to avoid falling into repetitive patterns as the
stresses of everyday life sap our creativity. For a little help
in the dating-creatively department, we’ve got six ideas to
get you started. Read on.
1. Do Something Silly
It’s time to stop taking yourself so seriously. Just because
you know your way around a wine list doesn’t mean you
can’t get messy. “Consider going paintballing,” suggests
Masini. “Or have a water-balloon fight. Go to a costume
store during the off-season and try on silly costumes.” Does
your city have a children’s museum? See if there’s an adult-
swim night and make a plan to go.
2. Take a Road Trip
“Start early in the morning and make it a day,” says Masini.
“Be as crazy as to simply toss a dart at a map to plan your
itinerary. Don’t go to a single place you’ve ever been before
— and that includes Starbucks!” For other unconventional
destinations, look at your state through a tourist’s eye and
visit the weirdest roadside attraction or amusement park
you can find.
3. Involve More People
“Take turns in inviting out other friends — or even just have
them over to your house — and get to know new people
through your significant other’s friendships,” says Thrasher.
“Research shows that when couples complement each other
in front of mutual acquaintances, it helps build bonds.”
There’s a reason double dates are a thing — a group
dynamic can really bring out the funny in everyone.
4. Get Active
Michelle Brummel, an account manager in Madison,
Wisconsin, suggests standup paddleboarding: “First one to
fall off buys the drinks.” Other active ideas include biking,
hitting a bucket of balls at a driving range, kayaking,
canoeing and sailing.
5. Get Competitive
“[My now husband] took me out for pie and cribbage,” says
Alisha Kirchoff, a university administrator in Champaign-
Urbana, Illinois. “It was the best first date ever.”
6. See a Live Show
“There’s more energy in the room and more to talk about,”
says Tim Marks of The KC Improv Company in Kansas City,
Missouri. “We get a lot of dating couples at our improv
shows.” Check out an open-mic night at the local comedy
club or see a band.

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